Solid return home

So the Jays returned to the dome tonight and only 15,000+ got the news I guess. But the 35,000 who didn’t show up sure missed a great game.

The Jays came back from a 2-0 hole in their half of the first to tie it. Buehrle beared down and gave the Jays a solid start. Kawasaki continued his climb to the top of the fan appreciation chart with a triple. And Casey Janssen nailed it down (after some nailbiting) in the 9th. Overall, a very solid win with some very good signs. After falling in a one-run game yesterday, it was good to see the Jays come right back and win one of their own.

As for the crowd, well, it was small but as the game went on the crowd got more into it. “Riiiiioossss” could be heard throughout the game, berating the former center-fielder who left town with his tail between his legs (see: autograph-gate) and cheers of “Ka-wa-saki” (clap clap clap-clap clap) rang out in the late innings.

So a great return home. The only bad news was after the game Sergio Santos was put on the DL with a tricep strain (again). But Brett Lawrie has been called up. So it’ll be good to see him back in the lineup (hopefully) tomorrow.



That’s how Little Orphan Annie would scream in the comics, and it’s exactly how I screamed while watching Reyes slide into 2nd base last night. Yes, it seems the baseball gods hate us but since there aren’t results from the MRI as of writing this, saying how bad it is is purely speculation. But it seems that we’ll be without Reyes for at least awhile. I don’t need to tell true fans what a loss this is. Just his smile and attitude alone, forget about his play on the field…

Let’s get this out of the way though… Why was he stealing 2nd base with a four run lead anyhow? I guess he’s our spark plug and the pitching hasn’t exactly been shutdown lately. So I can see why he was doing it. But man, if that was Vernon Wells doing that — we would have vilified him. Clearly the hearts of Blue Jays fans are with Reyes. We certainly love this guy in a way we haven’t felt since Robbie was around. And we have him for years. As for lingering effects of this injury, again, let’s see what the MRI shows.

So let’s talk replacement. Not that he’s ‘replaceable’. I think John Gibbons hit upon the solution in the post-injury innings of the game last night. Move Bautista to 3rd base until Brett Lawrie returns. Then you call up Moises Sierra and put him in RF. And you figure out a middle-infield of Bonifacio and Izturis at 2B and SS respectively. What does this do? Well first of all it puts better defense at 3rd base. We haven’t seen any and it’s not like we haven’t tried everyone else there the last week. This also puts a great arm in RF. I had to endure seeing Rajai Davis’ noodle out there for a game or two last week when Bautista was down. It wasn’t pretty. I love Rajai, but not in right field. And this move also puts some pop in the lineup. I’d like to see what Sierra can do over a month or two in the lineup. He’s got more power than 50% of our lineup and Edwin ain’t hitting much right now. Anyhow, it’s just a thought and apparently the Jays are close to bringing up Munenori Kawasaki from Buffalo. A light-hitting SS that spent a bit of time in the majors last year but most of his career in Japan.

As we know, AA is gonna do what he wants and it’ll probably be completely different than anything we’re thinking. But I’m tired of the McCoy merry go round. Not this year, please.

So now we wait to find out how bad the Reyes injury is. As Tom Petty says, the waaaiiiting is the hardest part. Yah, I’m old. Actually, Tom Petty was before my time though. At least this happened near the beginning of the season. When Tony Fernandez broke his arm in 1987, it was the last part of the season and he, and the team, never recovered. Let’s hope for the best with Reyes. Yes, I drank the Kool-Aid too. I love this guy.

Everybody calm the fuck down

Geez. What’s with some sports fans in this town? 2-4 and everyone acts like they’re 20-40. Am I promising this team is going to win the AL East? No. Do I think they’ll be in the hunt all year? Yes, I still do.

In general, I think the team is missing Lawrie and Bautista. (duh) Not for their bats. For how it shifts everyone out of position. It reminds me of last year in the bullpen when Santos went down. My theory is that once Santos went down, it shifted everyone into a role that they weren’t supposed to be in. Luckily Janssen saved the day by coming through and covering this early season disaster up — remember it was a disaster for awhile? All because one guy went down. I think this is the same thing going on right now. Brett Lawrie’s injury, and now Bautista’s, have forced some people into roles that they weren’t supposed to be in. DeRosa or Izturis at 3rd. Bonifacio looked terrible at 2nd. Davis in right (his arm isn’t the best for that position). It’s a chain reaction. I think this shows that our bench needs to step it up. Defensively and offensively (I don’t think we have any pop there either, but the D worries me more). So hopefully Joey Bats comes back and Brett is only a week or two away… hopefully.

In the meantime, it’ll do the Jays good to get out of town.

The fans were just stupid this weekend. I won’t even call them ‘fans’. Stupid paper airplanes from the 500 level. And stupid running on the field – admittedly the guy that slid into 2nd base and tried to scale the wall was entertaining. But really, on John Farrell weekend, we showed that we’re just a stupid fan base that doesn’t get the game at all other than clapping on 2 strikes. Not all of us of course, but the casual fan just looks dumb. Very disappointing. And although I’d like to see the Jays draw 3 million this year, I hope the 13 – 0 loss keeps some idiots at home on the next homestand.

On another note, the Buffalo Bisons booth looked really amateur. I mean, the people were nice and they have a great product to sell. But we bought a package of tickets and they had no credit card machine and couldn’t issue tickets to us on the spot — 10 business days in the mail! That’s amateur. Blue Jays, please help them…

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