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A view from up here

So I’m so late commenting on last night’s game that the Jays have already handily defeated the Red Sox today in the “Businessman’s Special” matinee game, 3-1. Santos starts his road to redemption.

My dad and I climbed the stairs to Section 524 last night and peered down from way above the plate to see the Jays victory.

Some overall notes about last night…

• I love the dome when it’s open. When it’s closed, not so much. Up in the 500s, you feel like you could touch the lid.

• The 500 level was out of ketchup

• Aramark employees should be reminded to remove their hats for the anthems

• weak, skinny beer vendors up top don’t carry ice

But overall, a great first game to attend this year for me and my dad. I think I’ll make it to at least one of the Orioles games, but I will say it’s too bad the O’s come in so soon. That could really kill any attendance momentum the Jays could get. Who wants to see the Orioles (other than my friend Gerald)? I guess that’s how other cities have thought about our Jays for awhile though…

Nice to hear that over 25,000 made it out today. Didn’t expect that. And a good 4 and 2 start will hopefully help the attendance this weekend too.


We’re here

Hanging out in our nosebleeds. Hoping to see a better, less frustrating result.



So, it turns out that Kryptonian pitcher Jo-El Carreno didn’t fare too badly. A couple of bad pitches to birthday boy Carlos Santana were the difference it seems, but really the Jays could easily be 3-0.

I know, I know. They had no business winning the both of the two previous games so we should be happy they’re coming back to Toronto with any wins at all. And generally, I’ll say that I’m excited about the next 159 games and I still think this team is the most exciting Jays team from the last few years.

Some positives:

• Kelly Johnson is quite solid all-around. No flashy, but gets the job done. And has been the most consistent hitter so far.

• The bullpen was amazing. Can’t even fault my whipping-boy Frasor at all.

• Brett Lawrie plays with the all out enthusiasm we all thought he would — whether he’s hitting well or not.

• JP’s defence has come a long way. And even Mathis surprised with a great arm to gun a runner today.


And the not-so positives so far:

• Colby Rasmus has been non-existent at the dish so far. Yes, he made one bad play yesterday but generally, his glove has been solid. But his bat has me wondering how long Wilner will defend him — we have last year and spring training to point to as examples that he just isn’t comfortable at the plate. Hope he becomes the Colby Rasmus we were promised really soon.

• Escobar. Great D but he’s not hitting either. In fact, the bottom of the lineup isn’t hitting well at all. Lawrie woke up over the last day or so but generally they’re not getting it done.

• The Bench. I’m still not convinced we have the kind of bench of a contender. No one with any pop…

• Eric Thames (see above about the bottom of the lineup).  He won the LF job but now has me wondering… just why again?

Anyhow, just some things to note. And again on the positive side it was a great weekend of baseball. I like the Jays attitude, tenacity and depth. Even with the loss, it’s clear these aren’t the same old Jays. This should be a great few days of baseball with the Red Sox coming in 0-3 and feeling like they have something to prove.

Cue the drunkfest of the home opener. I gave my seats in section 524 to my nephew. My dad and I will skip the nuttiness and we’re having a little party to kick off the season. We’ll be there on Tuesday nights in our season seats for the first time.



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