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AA strikes (sort of)

Well, I guess the band-aid, I mean ‘trade’, makes sense. The Jays needed some pitching help now. And they didn’t want to rush their other prospects. So AA did what he had to. He gave up some prospects (rated quite highly mind you by some publications) to get a starting pitcher he always wanted (Happ) and some possible bullpen help.

Although I’m not in love with this deal, I’m not thinking we got fleeced. As with any deal, we’ll know in a couple of years time who the ‘winner’ was. But I think this shows the price of starting pitching out there. Sure, there may be starting pitchers with higher upside that are available, but who would we have had to give up? Those three guys were already top 20 supposedly.

In any case, AA will escape the wrath of fans in the short-term because he called up Snider, got rid of Francisco and Cordero, and benched Davis as an everyday player. Those in themselves are very good moves at least from the fans’ perspectives.

AA said he’ll ride the ‘hot hand’ for awhile in the rotation, so Happ goes to the bullpen. But I think it won’t be long until he’s a starter and that will have a domino effect in the bullpen too — better options in the long-relief role will only help the back end.

The Baseball Gods are against us

Feels like it, doesn’t it? And even though it’s only because of the additional wild card berth, so far, the Jays just won’t go away. Like Rocky III.

José is gone for two weeks. If it is only two weeks, I’m optimistic. But these wrist ligament things are tricky. And unfortunately, not many injured Blue Birds have been back in their alotted DL time so far this year. But if memory serves me right, José has been a fast healer so we’ll see.

In the meantime, the long sought-after final piece of the Halladay trade makes his debut. Anthony Gose joins the team today, but it seems he won’t debut until tomorrow. What the report on Gose? The guy is the best centerfielder in the Jays organization. He steals bases as well as Rajai Davis. And he’s got quite the arm apparently. Not much has been said about his bat, so I’m expecting Devon White II.

And why not Travis? I think because of something AA said just a few days ago. He said Travis Snider hasn’t spent a full year at any organized level since 2007. He’s always been promoted up or down. And AA really wants him to spend one full year with LV to see how that affects him. I think AA has told Snider this so it probably wasn’t a big shocker to not get the call today.

Anyhow, yes, the Baseball Gods hate us. And maybe they hate Toronto, period. But this team could hang around for a bit. We’ll see. More than the loss of José, I’m worried about our pitching situation. And I have been since Sergio Santos left the team, which set the wheels in motion for everyone to pitching out of position, as John Farrell had set the team up.

Time to say ‘Fuck You’ to the baseball gods and just go for it.

The All-Star Break

Hello faithful 3 readers. I’ve been pretty lax on this page. It’s not because I’ve stopped following the Jays — I’ve been busy with actual work-stuff and also, frankly, they’re depressing. I’m hoping Alex Anthopolous does something, but when I logically think about it… what can he do? I wouldn’t trade the farm right now for rolling the dice in a possible one-game Wild-Card playoff. Too risky. We got bit by some bad luck. Let’s stay the course and contend for years, as he’s been saying. Let’s see if he’s right.

Today, EE was signed to a 3-year deal. And although I don’t think that means he’s untradeable now, it seems as if The Fan 590 thinks that is the Jays doing something for the team until the trade deadline. He can’t pitch though.

I was kind of disturbed with José Bautista’s comments this week. Apparently Ricky Romero has echoed his sentiments as well. They feel that Alex Anthopolous needs to get some players to make a run. First of all, with Ricky’s performances lately, he is in no position to demand anything. The guy needs to look at himself first and work on improving first. Although I agree with them, I do think they’ve just made Alex’s life difficult. First of all, let the GM do the GM stuff. He wouldn’t tell José publicly to lay off the outside curveball, would he? But most of all, he’s put AA in a tough position — as if GM’s didn’t already have AA in a tough negotiating position, now they know the clubhouse is pressuring him too. The price just went up.

José needs to keep his mouth shut. I love the guy’s performance and his attitude. But I think his comments are getting dangerously close to what Doc was saying when he wanted to be traded. And that just won’t fly.

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