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John Farrell, Boston and 2013

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I’m still following the Jays (maybe not every pitch like I was) and I’m still optimistic about the future of this club. But I just couldn’t take the day-to-day beatings we were enduring. I went to Detroit and even the fans there were scratching their heads wondering what happened to the promising team they heard so much about. Anyhow, all the losses were affecting my emotional well-being so I took a step back.

However, I’m back to talk about a few things that are all related I think. Boston, John Farrell and the American League East next year.

A few weeks ago I was compelled to write about the Dodgers/Bosox trade and how I thought this was bad news for the Jays for next year. Although my first impression was how this was admission of failure by the Red Sox and I was shook my head at the car wreck that organization has become. And forget about what Bobby V is saying and doing these days. But then I realized how Boston pulled off an amazing feat. A feat that even eclipsed AA getting rid of the contracts of Wells and Rios. Forget whether Gonzalez, Beckett and Crawford go on to finish 1-2-3 in the MVP voting for years to come. Boston has wiped the slate clean for 2013. This is bad news for the Jays.

The disaster in Boston was one of the things the Jays had going for them for the next few years. At least the Red Sox would be hampered by giant contracts and we wouldn’t have to worry them going after the same free agents (or on the field the way they were playing). But no more.

But now the Red Sox can start fresh. They have money to spend and odds are they’re going to jettison Bobby Valentine and a new manager can start fresh too.

The Blue Jays on the other hand are saying a lot of things about the offseason and spending, but I’m starting to feel like I’ve heard it before and they will need to show it. It’s all promises and so far the fans have given them a lot of slack about not living up to it. So you have the Red Sox that are definitely going to spend and the Blue Jays saying (once again) that they’re going to spend. Who do you believe more?

Which brings me to John Farrell…

If you were him, why wouldn’t you want the job in Boston? He has a clean slate. He can take the chair in one of the best baseball markets. The organization and its history embodies what baseball is all about. You know it does… Admit it. The Red Sox want him (I believe they do) and he can probably write his own ticket. Now a lot of people will say “Why would he want to go work for that crazy organization?”. I’d say because they have a reputation for being a crazy organization right now. Everyone respects John Farrell. If they can’t make it work with him, it would look very very bad on them. Having Bobby V go crazy doesn’t hurt them. It just makes Bobby V look dumb. He had a reputation already and has lived up to the script. But John Farrell would have a lot of power in this situation. Josh Beckett’s comments after being traded were the tip of that iceburg. The media like him. The players like him. The fans like him. The Red Sox will bend over backwards to make this man happy and give him what he wants and to re-establish the reputation of being a solid, sane, viable and competitive baseball team.

They need to. And baseball needs them to.

As much as I hate to say this… we need the Boston Red Sox to be good. And the Yankees too. At least they need to be competitive with each other. It’s good for baseball. The Blue Jays being a World Series contender again isn’t good for baseball. It’s good for us, as Blue Jays fans. But it’s not good for baseball. I’m not saying I WANT the Red Sox and Yankees to continue to kick our asses, but you have to see how baseball needs them to be good. For business.

The Boston Red Sox are going to go hard for John Farrell. And the circus will start this weekend.

This is not a movie. John Farrell is not a handsome Brad Pitt romantically driving around listening to his daughter’s song on his car stereo as he ponders staying in magical Toronto instead of going to Fenway Park. Baseball is a business. John Farrell is a smart man. He will be as loyal to Toronto as long as it will be good for him to be. The question is whether he feels we have what it takes here — the current roster (when not injured), the guys coming up and the potential to get the pieces we need. I would say we only get check marks for the first box right now and even that is precarious considering we don’t know exactly what we have at the moment since everyone got banged up. It would really be a gamble to leave now. And maybe he has nothing to lose by waiting another year, which is contractually obligated to as the Blue Jays Manager. But on the other hand, if the door is open now… why wait? Why wait to get what you’ve always wanted?

Whether he wants to go or not is up to him. But I hope if he does it resolves itself quickly in the offseason.

Would you do it? I think I would…


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