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Inspired by Alex Anthopoulos, the website will be undergoing renovations over the next couple of weeks. What you see now is the basic template, and I’ll be slotting in Section 524 branding and colours. So although I don’t think anyone comes to this page, please bear with us if you do.

Return of the Ninja

I had a feeling the Jays were going to do something soon, but not like this. No way.

How this will all pan out, who knows right now? But today, Alex Anthopoulos has re-ignited the fan base. People are jumping back on the bandwagon and suddenly everyone’s saying “I never doubted Alex for a second”. Well, I’ll admit that I did. Or at least I doubted Rogers for sure, as I so non-eloquently spouted on about here recently. No, I did not think the ‘money would be there when we need it’.

So, today I suck it up and say “Rogers, (swallows hard) nicely done.”

There are a lot of more expert opinions about this trade around the internet, but I will say that it obviously shores up a lot of questionable areas from last year in one fell swoop. We now have a veteran, more-reliable, rotation especially at the top. It takes pressure off of Ricky and hopefully the veteran presence will help the kids further down the chain. Buehrle is said to be second to only Roy Halladay in terms of how he prepares. And Josh Johnson is only 28. José Bautista, there are the pitchers you wanted.

As for José Reyes, well, what’s not to like? He’s a switch-hitter. Steals bases. One year removed from winning a batting title and plays very good defence. The only question mark is how he will respond to playing on turf.

And what did we REALLY give up? Well, a LOT of cash but it’s not mine or yours. And a possible future star in Adeiny Hechavarria. The jury was out still on Henderson Alvarez (he needs a third pitch) although he was full of potential, especially considering he is only 22. And Escobar, let’s face it, needed to go. As for the other rumoured players, well they are just potential and yes they were in the top 10 of our prospects, but as some have said “they are lottery tickets”. Remember we gave up Jeff Kent for David Cone. And I’m sure we’d all do it again for those two World Series. Ya gotta give up quality to get quality.

This obviously solves a ton of problems on the field. But off the field, it takes the stink off of the John Farrell departure. It shows Rogers is in it, as they said they were – so AA and Beeston have their credibility back. And it buys a lot of time for Drabek and Hutchison (and even McGowan) to get healthy. Hey, even if Santos doesn’t throw another pitch we won’t care until 2014.

So let’s wait for MLB to approve this deal. I don’t see how they can’t. Yes, the Florida fans should feel cheated but that’s no reason to nix the deal. A lot of worse things have happened in MLB and it was allowed, so they CAN’T stop this one. Not after the way Boston completely walked over us and everyone knew it. They allowed that. They owe us this one, even if it does go over the line. And it doesn’t.

Yes, happiness in Jays land. AA, I never doubted you for a second.

The offseason so far

Well, after the John Farrell Saga and the Tigers getting their Tiger asses handed to them by the Giants, I haven’t had much heart to write about anything.

But it’s been a couple of weeks now and the rumour machine is starting up again. The Jays are (as always) supposedly interested in everyone. I find it kind of funny that some people are begging AA to stay away from Josh Hamilton because he isn’t worth $125 million over 7 years. People, I’m pretty certain that with the track record AA has of signing free-agents, and the never-ending talk about ‘team controllability’ and how we play the waiver wire, AA and Rogers aren’t thinking about Josh Hamilton. Unfortunately that means Annibal Sanchez is probably also not in our price range. He’s rumoured to want 6 years at $90 million. And I think I would consider it if I was AA.

So no manager yet either, but I have to say the longer it goes, the more I think Don Wakamatsu will be the choice. I know he’s wasn’t my first choice, emotionally speaking, but I have to say that the more I think about it the more it makes sense.

He was always just a guy on the bench to me and I didn’t know his credentials. Then I discovered Google and Wikipedia.

He has major league managerial experience. He had a good year managing Seattle and then a terrible one. He supposedly ‘lost the clubhouse’. But when you look at how the Mariners did after he was let go, they weren’t any better. Maybe Wakamatsu was right. He did bench Griffey and that took real guts I’m sure. Maybe he’s learned from his ‘mistakes’. He also has minor league coaching experience and was a catcher. I like catchers as managers.

I also like that he’s been around our guys for a couple of years. He knows them. It wouldn’t be starting fresh really. And I like that he’s apparently very respected around baseball.

Plus, he wants the job.

I also think AA was referring to him when he said something about “2nd chance guys”.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Don Wakamatsu is already the Jays Manager and we just haven’t been told in order to keep the media frenzy down.

I expect it’ll be announced in the next couple of weeks. But certainly before the GM meetings and the December 7th Season Ticket deadline for renewal. Fans would want to know that the wheels are in motion…






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