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Everybody calm the fuck down

Geez. What’s with some sports fans in this town? 2-4 and everyone acts like they’re 20-40. Am I promising this team is going to win the AL East? No. Do I think they’ll be in the hunt all year? Yes, I still do.

In general, I think the team is missing Lawrie and Bautista. (duh) Not for their bats. For how it shifts everyone out of position. It reminds me of last year in the bullpen when Santos went down. My theory is that once Santos went down, it shifted everyone into a role that they weren’t supposed to be in. Luckily Janssen saved the day by coming through and covering this early season disaster up — remember it was a disaster for awhile? All because one guy went down. I think this is the same thing going on right now. Brett Lawrie’s injury, and now Bautista’s, have forced some people into roles that they weren’t supposed to be in. DeRosa or Izturis at 3rd. Bonifacio looked terrible at 2nd. Davis in right (his arm isn’t the best for that position). It’s a chain reaction. I think this shows that our bench needs to step it up. Defensively and offensively (I don’t think we have any pop there either, but the D worries me more). So hopefully Joey Bats comes back and Brett is only a week or two away… hopefully.

In the meantime, it’ll do the Jays good to get out of town.

The fans were just stupid this weekend. I won’t even call them ‘fans’. Stupid paper airplanes from the 500 level. And stupid running on the field – admittedly the guy that slid into 2nd base and tried to scale the wall was entertaining. But really, on John Farrell weekend, we showed that we’re just a stupid fan base that doesn’t get the game at all other than clapping on 2 strikes. Not all of us of course, but the casual fan just looks dumb. Very disappointing. And although I’d like to see the Jays draw 3 million this year, I hope the 13 – 0 loss keeps some idiots at home on the next homestand.

On another note, the Buffalo Bisons booth looked really amateur. I mean, the people were nice and they have a great product to sell. But we bought a package of tickets and they had no credit card machine and couldn’t issue tickets to us on the spot — 10 business days in the mail! That’s amateur. Blue Jays, please help them…

Thoughts about 0 – 2

Okay, so let’s not panic. I’m not. The bats haven’t come around but they will. So instead of dissecting what’s up with the team, I’ll talk about the experience this year so far. The place looks great for opening week. There’s lots of signage and more entertainment around than last year. I see more branding throughout the main concourse. And the 200 level lounge (formerly Windows) is amazing. Seriously, I’d consider just getting season tickets there if I could. We stopped by last night in the middle innings and the place was alive. There are great monitors to see the action and it was buzzing with energy. Lots of kids hanging out and drinking but actually paying attention to the game. It will be a fun place to hang out this summer when the roof is open. Something about it just feels like you’re ‘outside’ already. Stop in when you go to the dome. It’s open to anyone – you don’t need a fancy ticket. It’s first come first served for the seating.

As for sitting in the 100s this year — yes, I moved from the 500s — well, what can I say? It’s been great so far. Two games in and I can see why everyone loves being field level. You really feel like part of the game. My new seats are 16 rows up from 3rd base, just past the bag towards home plate. The opening night crowd was DEAD though. Huge crowd and honestly they seemed half-heartedly into it. But last night was much better. It seemed like the real fans came out. There was more clapping on two strikes and the wave went around a bit. I did get ‘shushed’ by some lady in my section but I gave her a dirty look. We’ll have none of this “Don’t make noise” shit this year. As Winfield said “Let’s make some noise”. And I didn’t spend my niece’s college fund money on these tickets just to sit on my hands.

Anyhow, if you can go to a game, go soon. It’s been fun despite the donut so far. 24,000 last night was pitiful. I expect bigger crowds this weekend with Boston and the Suck It Farrell gang out in droves, but in general we shouldn’t have a 50% drop in attendance in Game 2. Not with this team. It’s sad.

I sold my tickets for tonight — dinner commitments — but I really wish I could have gone. I think I’ll be living at the park this weekend. I’ll report back sometime in the next few days.

We’re back!

Well, I lied. Said I was renovating the page back in November and I guess I got a bit sidetracked. Plus I hated the ‘new’ template so I went back to the old one for opening day. I’m back and rarin to go on an exciting 2013 season. We’ve moved seats this year, so I’ll be reporting from Section 127 near 3rd base. I’ll kind of miss the birds eye view from the 12th row behind the plate in the 500s, but it’ll be fun to be field-level all year. We’ll see if I like it more. See you at the park. Should be an interesting opening day.

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