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A season we’ll never forget

As the possibility of the 2013 Blue Jays getting their act together becomes more unlikely with each game, the finger pointing is going to start. Did AA give away the future for a bunch of magic beans? Is there a selfishness in the clubhouse? Was Gibbons the wrong choice?

In any case, I can honestly say that Beeston, AA and Rogers have given us a season that we’ll never forget. It will be the most memorable season since 1993. Whatever happens. You will never forget the 2013 Blue Jays.

If they continue to plod along, you’ll always remember the season that was filled with so much hope and came up with snake eyes. My friend, Mike, all winter would just randomly break into “We’re winning the World Series!” cries. And I wanted to believe it.

And now, just for a moment, let’s dream like it’s a Disney movie around the 2013 Blue Jays. The season they won the World Series after they started 13 – 23 and somehow pulled themselves together, squeaked into the wild card and went on a run to win the championship.

Either way, we’ll never forget this season.