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Digging out

What the heck is going on ? As I mentioned in a tweet from the Rogers Centre last night, the Jays have won 6 in a row and there is even hot water again in the stadium bathrooms. Crazy.
The floundering Blue Jays aren’t at .500 yet. And I don’t expect them to be this week, although I guess anything is possible. But for the first time since two weeks into the season, there seems to be a reasonable expectation that the Jays will make it to the even mark.

I never stopped wearing my Blue Jays gear or going to the games (how could I? I’m a season ticket holder) but I certainly had to do a lot of explaining to casual fans (or non-fans) about how it’s a long season and you just never know blah blah blah. For the first time in awhile, I’m getting positive conversations starting with people acknowledging my gear. I don’t want to go back.

It’s almost like the October 2013 José Bautista, sitting at home in the Dominican Republic, called up Doc Brown from Back to the Future and asked him to put him back to some pivotal moment in the season – just so he could change the course of the 2013 Blue Jays. And he asked to go back to Chicago, June 11th, 9th Inning with 2 strikes against him and down by one. Slider.

This team was playing better ball long before that moment, but certainly José’s bomb seems to have jumpstarted this team and the six game win streak they’re currently on. Things are looking up. Reyes is coming back. Morrow is on the mend (although I’m still suspicious about that forearm ‘strain’). And Esmil Rogers and Josh Johnson are looking very good in the rotation right now. The bullpen may not be this good all year, but they have definitely been the unsung heroes this far into the season.

I really like the way this team is playing right now. The good news/bad news scenario is that with the walking wounded about to return, the chemistry is about to get shaken up again. Like Crash Davis said, “Never fuck with a winning streak” (or something along those lines) and I’m sure for John Gibbons, he’ll have mixed feelings about some of the players returning and pushing out some of the players that have played so hard for him the last weeks (yes, I’m looking at you Munenori, and also in a way the EE at 3rd and Lind at 1st combo). But the Jays have always had a policy of not losing your job to an injury — it’s yours again when you come back until you prove otherwise. And I respect that.

My hope is still .500 at the All Star break. Anything better than that is gravy right now.

The hole isn’t filled yet. But we can see the top of it. It’s a great time to wear your colours.