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In hindsight…

… I admit not renewing my 2015 season tickets was a bit of a dumb move.

In my defence (and I don’t have much of one), I can say that the team I said no to in December is not the same team on the field right now.

There was no Tulo, Price or Osuna. And the team was selling Pompey and rookie Devon Travis as our saviours. The Jays had jacked my 100-level tickets to $9500 for the year. Steep.

If I could go back in time, I’d choose the lottery numbers first. But the second thing I would do is yes, renew my seats. But who knew?

Who knew, dammit?

In any case, I have enjoyed the Jays a la carte this year and I am in line for playoff tickets. So win win. I am $9500 richer and the Jays are looking good to go the playoffs.

I like being wrong.