Down 2 to the Orioles?

I admit I’ve been a bit distracted since going to the game last week. I teach at OCADU here in Toronto and have been concentrating on getting some papers marked for final grades. But what I have seen of the Jays since then has me worried.

The bullpen, rebuilt this offseason and supposedly more reliable this year, has coughed up a lot of late-inning leads. I know it’s unfair but the last couple are on Santos I think — with him being away for his 3rd child being born, we’ve had to shuffle jobs in the bullpen and Cordero hasn’t been sharp — Janssen, reliable last year has looked awful the last two days as well. Personally I don’t think Darren Oliver should be throwing full innings (just key batters, and lefties at that). So yah, things are off-kilter.

In fact my dad, who normally won’t leave til the last pitch is thrown (“Like Yogi says it ain’t over til it’s over”), left in the ninth on Friday night he was so discouraged.

I know it’s not the end of the world. We have 154 games to go. But Baltimore isn’t supposed to be good this year and if there’s one team in our division that we should be beating up on every chance we get, it’s Baltimore. Also, in other news, has anyone seen Jose Bautista? He’s missing.

Here’s Hoping Kyle Drabek straightens the ship today. Going into the offday with a win would be very good. It doesn’t get easier this week with Tampa Bay coming in for 3. I’ll be at 2 of those 3 games for sure.

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