The arrival of Drew

Man, keeping up a blog about the Blue Jays season of 162 games is a long slog. I mean I pay attention to every game but writing about it is going to be an ongoing challenge.

I went to three games last week and the best of them, despite the score, was the last game of the homestand. The roof was open and we had a great time. It’s a different park when the top is popped. A bit concerning that there were only 16,000 average for the Rays series… Anyhow, lots of fun at the Rogers Centre. I’ll post more about my experiences as a Season Ticket holder in the coming weeks but there are certainly perks and the Jays have been very accommodating despite my 500-level low-life stature.

So tonight, after the first triple play since 1979, the Blue Jays call on pitching prospect Drew Hutchison. This should be good.

I hate KC. Ever since that Jim Sundberg wind-blown triple off of Dave Stieb in 1985…

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