I’m still too stunned and mildly angry to fully dissect what happened last night or what is going on with the bats in this lineup.

I will just say what Brett Lawrie and every fan knows: a solid MLB-worthy throw wins that game with 2 out in the ninth, but I guess these things are going to happen to Brett Lawrie once in awhile. But yes, it was amateur inning. J.P. and Cordero weren’t much better.

I’m still not sold on Cordero being our closer while Santos is out, but I swear I said that during Sergio’s paternity leave and am not just doing the Saturday morning quarterback thing. I think the bullpen needs some rethinking. Despite Perez’s outing last night, I think he’s the closer while Santos is away (or longer).

Grrr. I hope they’re at least learning because the fans are getting antsy.


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