Uncertain the future is…

I’m afraid I did watch Saturday’s game. Who would’ve thought that 2/3rds of an inning would screw us up so much? Brandon Morrow being pulled in the first on Friday night seems to have taxed the bullpen and made yesterday’s game a very tough one to win. I admit, Igarashi (now demoted) not finding the strike zone and Frasor shaking off JP to serve up whatever piece of garbage he threw to Hamilton sure didn’t help, but we ran out of arms. Because of whatever happened to Morrow on Friday — we can’t pretend that game didn’t happen Brandon. Sorry.

So the Jays are in some uncertain territory here. After such a great start to the Tampa series, they’ve now lost four in a row and are in danger of hitting the bottom of the AL East standings. Yes, it’s only 47 games in but there are some bad trends happening here. I’ll dissect the team at 50 games again but the bullpen is concerning me a lot these days and the first 25 games, despite the closer situation, seemed to go smoother. Fresh arms called up today. Hopefully we won’t need them.

Things won’t get easier this week as we take on Baltimore and Boston. At least the Jays will be back at home. I’ll be in my perch for at least a few of them.

Today, Drabek tries again against Yu Darvish. In their meeting in late April (?), Kyle didn’t pitch badly. I remember being very good actually and Darvish just dominated with an array of pitches that had the Jays flummoxed. We’ll see how Darvish handles the heat today.

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