Start the montage

Every great baseball movie has a montage where the team starts to put it all together. Like the upstart 1989 Cleveland Indians of Major League. Is this the beginning of the Blue Jays 2012 one?

Okay, I know it’s a stretch. We’ve got some serious problems. The bats need to be more consistent. We have some closer problems (despite Casey doing an admirable job). And nagging injuries are starting to show up. But, this homestand is off to a good start and we’ve seen some promising performances from players that have been quiet all year. This is what the good teams do. Depth.

Colby Rasmus is scorching the ball. Drew Hutchison was masterful on Monday. JP is looking better at the plate and behind it. Ricky didn’t have a stellar outing, but the walks were down. And Rajai Davis is off to a good start as the starting left-fielder.

Plus, reinforcements are on the way. Vlad, Snider (maybe) and Santos. Things are looking up. Let’s sweep these O’s outta town.

Cue Wesley Snipes and Tom Berenger.

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