I say ‘no’. And I’m sure Alex will listen of course. I agree the Jays should be looking for pitching help but I really don’t see how the talk about D’Arnaud or Arencibia for a 35 year old free agent at the end of the year is a good deal for this team.

Anyhow, in other news… Yes, Brandon Morrow is becoming a beast. And Ricky looks like he knows he’s not really the Ace. Which is fine because I don’t believe in this ‘Ace’ title thing. Ricky needs to continue to show he’s got his act back together but I think it’s amazing that we have two top tier starters.

Short post today because real non-baseball life is so busy, but the Jays are looking good right now with the new-look batting order. And I would imagine Vlad is almost ready. Santos continues to rehab. And Edwin’s hand will hopefully not affect him long-term. We’ve dodged a lot of bullets here. I think the baseball gods have been very good to us so far. Injuries could have been a lot worse.

Let’s get the sweep.

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