Ok Rogers, let’s play ball

As the Blue Jays crawl towards the half-way point of the season, it’s time to say it… This team isn’t going anywhere in the standings. Not the way things are right now. Although I’m about to vilify Rogers in this post, I’ll first acknowledge that the Jays have been hit by a slew of injuries that not even Stephen King could have predicted. Despite that, I’d have to say that if this team finished at or below .500 this year, we’d have to say that it’s a failure.

And where is Rogers in all this? Cutting jobs and also spending half a billion dollars on the Leafs. But definitely not investing any money into the Jays. A few things that have caught my attention. Attendance is up by over 4,000 fans per game compared to last year. Beeston and AA maintained that when the fans started to come back to the yard, the team would follow suit and start loading the bullets. And what is their response so far? Signing a 49-year old potentially for the rotation and trying out Vlad Guerrero, whom everybody else thinks is done. Evidently, the Blue Jays aren’t against signing older players — they’re just against having to fork out any money.

That’s what it seems it’s come down to. Money. It seems like Rogers won’t fork any over to help make this team better. Obviously it’s not like AA could go out and spend right now on free agents, but it certainly will tie his hands when the trade deadline comes within the month. Any player we might try to get with our prospects would need to be tied up longer term that just this year for it to be worthwhile I’d imagine. But will Rogers do that? All signs (Darvish, Fielder) say no.

In a year when the division, or at least the Wild Card, is ripe for the taking, we have a team stuck in neutral. The Yankees are hurting — no Sabathia, Pettite or Mo. The Red Sox, although showing signs of life, are in disarray in the club house. And Baltimore is starting to look like the team we all thought they were. The playoffs are tantalizingly possible.

Rogers, AA, and Beeston… we’re coming out to the park. But we’re losing interest. Please save this season.

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