Feel sorry for Ricky… right

In 1985, I was a young teenager at my local mall, Woodbine Centre. As I was walking through the mall, I see a man who looks like Jimmy Key, the Blue Jays left-hander, sitting with his kids. I tentatively walk over, star struck. “Excuse me, are you Jimmy Key?”. He smiles warmly and says “Why, yes I am”, in a slight southern drawl. I guess my eyes probably went wide like saucers and I stammered out something like “You’re having a great season, congratulations, good luck and I hope you keep it going”. He thanks me and here I am today, 27 years later, telling you what a great guy Jimmy Key is.

Last year, in 2011, I’m walking with my nephew outside Rogers Centre on Bremner Blvd. We have just left the Jays afternoon game and are wearing our Blue Jays gear. We’re fans. Traffic is thick and we see a white Range Rover with California plates, stopped like every other vehicle waiting for the light. We look closer and see none other than Ricky Romero at the wheel. Wearing our Jays gear I remind you, we wave to Ricky like he’s a hero. He stares right through us. We’re actually standing almost in front of his vehicle cause he’s waiting in traffic. We wave again… and again nothing. Not an eyebrow raise. Not a slight wave from one of his two hands on the wheel. Nada. Even a slight nod would’ve appeased us and made us think he’s the coolest guy ever.

And I’m supposed to ‘feel bad’ for Ricky Romero as Jon Morosi from Fox Sports suggests…?

No. I feel for our starting pitching and our team. But sympathy? How can we feel bad for a professional athlete that we don’t really ‘know’ that makes more this season than we probably will in our lifetimes? I mean, I’m not going to ‘boo’ the guy like some other ‘fans’, but people — he’s living the life, doing what he’s always dreamed of doing and taken care of quite well for it. I’m sure he’ll be fine…

Besides, I’ll save the actual emotional-caring about someone for my real heroes.

Like number 22. Now there was a class act to care about and cheer for.

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