This is no time to get emotional

Well, July 31st came and went and AA made some peculiar moves. Overall, I do think it’s a shame that AA doesn’t feel as if 2012 is the year to try to make the playoffs. I’m not saying he should’ve sold the farm, but the window is there this year. Sure, we’d be betting a lot on one game. But wow, when we looked back it would be a fun ride.
Besides, as we saw from the Giants and Cardinals the last couple of years… Anything can happen once you get into the postseason.

I won’t go into the trades much because there are many other pages out there that would break them down better than I could. So I’ll just say that I will miss Snider and the potential of Snider, whether it’s real or it was imagined. He’d been through a lot with us as fans and I guess we felt an affinity with him. Afterall, like we feel we’ve been mislead sometimes by Rogers, he might’ve as well. We had that in common. Except he is now with a contender and we’re still in 5th in baseball’s toughest division. Well, good for you Snider. You certainly were patient and seemed to stay a good guy. I will be watching, like many fans and I hope to see you play for a long time in a Pirates uniform.

Speaking of baseball’s toughest division, it was said in ST that a lot would’ve had to go right for the Jays to make the playoffs this year. But I guess one thing we didn’t count on is that so much would go wrong for other teams. And the additional wild card has helped. We should not be this close to a playoff berth. Really. We’re a mediocre team.

So I guess that’s what puzzles me… AA made no significant offseason moves to make a statement that we could be in this thing. So I guess he didn’t feel like we were. However, we lose some of our key pieces like basically our whole rotation (close anyhow), our closer, José for a spell, JP… and our bullpen which was to be so great has basically been dismantled already — and yet WE’RE STILL IN THIS THING not just mathematically but even logically too. We are still masters of our own destiny. Which begs the question — WAS AA REALLY OFF THE MARK IN HIS THINKING THAT THIS TEAM COULDN’T CONTEND THIS YEAR? Cause I got to think if we were healthy, we’d be in the WC lead. And if AA is what we think he is, and he knows how good this team is… Why didn’t he go for it over the offseason?

My fuzzy logic leads to be to believe the worst… Rogers. AA is not allowed to go for it. He’s not allowed to spend money. And because he’s not allowed to spend money, he has to protect the only currency he has — his prospects. So he won’t trade them away for some magic beans that may or may not amount to anything. He’s gotta be cautious.

It’s too bad. Because we were all in it with the Jays this year. We bought the new gear. We got excited. We came out to the park (don’t get me started on how the park had no upgrades the last two years either) so far at a clip far surpassing last year. And the numbers on Rogers Sportsnet are the highest in years I believe. Maybe the highest ever. I don’t think the season was lost today on deadline day. It was lost in the winter when we didn’t do much to upgrade this team and instead hoped “things would have to go very right”.

There are no certainties in baseball. So I refer back to my Giants and Cardinals examples. AA has shown himself to be very cautious, prudent and calculated. But I’m not sure that wins the endgame sometimes. This game is best played on hunches and on heart. AA is building something. And yes, I’m still on board at the moment.

But man, what a boring baseball movie this would be so far. The AA story is devoid of emotion. And as fans, we want to get emotional. We’re ready. This town is ready. But they’re making it very, very hard…

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