Under false pretenses

I was listening to the FAN 590 today and I was surprised to hear some actual slagging of Rogers on a Rogers-owned media outlet. It’s very rare on the FAN.

This caller had a very good point. He said, like a lot of people, that he’s disappointed in ownership and skeptical about the empty promises they’ve been making. But then he said something I never thought of. He said it was unfair to the current players. Yes, some of them asked AA for help which they didn’t get (in any real sense) and then pointed out that some of these players have signed long-term for possibly less than they could’ve gotten on the market. And Rogers is showing them they’re not committed to winning by not going for it more this year, considering they were only a few games out of the Wild Card for a long, long time. He said the players should feel disillusioned and that’s going to hurt the long-term good of the team.

If they were always going to wait for the kids down in A and Double-A to arrive, why did these players sign?

Word gets around. If they think ownership is full of it, good luck getting meaningful free agents here.

So AA can say all he wants that he wants to ‘make a big splash’ this winter on the free agent market, but the question is (even if Rogers miraculously spends money) why would a Free Agent want to come here?

I hope I’m wrong. I don’t feel right when I don’t like what’s happening with the Jays. It bothers me.

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