I’m very disappointed in the Blue Jays.

I actually believe Yunel when he says he didn’t mean to use the term in the derogatory way that it’s been interpreted. We’ve all heard locker room talk like that or heard the term ‘retarded’ or whatever used in a way that is meant to make a statement but not necessarily towards that particular group. It doesn’t make it right and he certainly should have shown better judgement. You are free to be livid or laugh at the incident. It’s not my call to make for you.

The incident itself is not why I’m disappointed in the Blue Jays.

I’m disappointed because we, the true fans, have stuck with this team, defended the poor play and lack of moves by the GM and ownership. We’ve come out to the park. We bought the new logo-ified gear.

And now for us as real fans wearing the gear and supporting this team — at least for the rest of this year — makes us look like chumps. The Jays had a chance to make a real statement here. To put this thing to bed swiftly. They could have done this two ways — coming down hard on Yunel by suspending him for the rest of the season or for at least 15 games or so — or they also could have handled the press conference with more finesse. And they did neither. Aside from (lack of) content, they just looked lost. Did they not go over what their game plan was? Amateur.

I’m not sure I believe that people that play for our sports teams need to be role models or even good ambassadors for the city. That’s not their role. They’re athletes. I want them to positively impact the team I support in the sport I love. Yunel’s actions hurt the team. Whether I brush off the incident as a joke gone wrong, or that he’s a gay basher. Doesn’t matter. Forget the bigger issue of ‘right vs. wrong’. From our standpoint as fans that want this team to do well, it hurts the brand.

And the way the Jays handled this situation makes the organization look like a joke as well.

And now we, the fans that have given them the benefit of the doubt all off season and this season — we’re the joke by association.

Wear a Blue Jays hat today around town and you’ll see the conversations that come up. Wear one tomorrow in Yankee Stadium and you’ll see…

Yes, Yunel is an embarrassment to himself and his teammates, unintentionally or not.

But the Blue Jays just embarrassed all of us who have supported them this year.

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