All Plagiarism, All The Time

Urged by the astute eye of @FOI_leak , I have changed the original title of this article ‘All John Farrell, All The Time’ to something inspired by them, due to it’s similarity to an article by Andrew Stoeten. Which was unintentional. Although FOI_leak shouldn’t be such a weenie about it, he/she is correct. I hope my 7 readers still have faith in my journalistic integrity.

I can’t wait for John Farrell to leave. If only so the Jays (and us) can move on to the real offseason business of bolstering the rotation and team in general.

I know, I know. It’s just a rumour still. But it seems to be getting traction all over the place now. What seemed like just some speculation on the part of a few fringe reporters looking to get press has turned into a full tidal wave of mainstream media saying it’s imminent.

Let’s suppose for the sake of this post that he is leaving.

There are a lot of questions to answer. Like compensation. Reports say that the Jays price last year was Clay Buchholz and that’s the ante this time too. Hey, I’m all for it. However, if the Red Sox won’t part with part of their starting rotation, I only hope the Jays can get the best available player regardless of their position. Some people are saying that only a starting pitcher will do, but really if AA just gets the best available player, period, he can always turn that asset into something else. Getting the most value is the most important thing rather than what position they play. That will make the club stronger.

Some reporters are thinking the Jays have no leverage here because of their (seeming) unwillingness to give John Farrell an extension and he’s dealing with a one-year contract. I’ve never been good at negotiating, but I can’t see how the Jays aren’t in the driver’s seat here. The Jays have something the Sox want. And they can just say no if the offer isn’t high enough. The Red Sox are under the gun to get a new manager and soon. If the negotiations drag out, they’ll either have to ante up, or go to Plan B. If that happens, I’d like to see the Jays dismiss John Farrell soon after. He wouldn’t end up as a coach in Boston. What Plan B Boston manager would want to see the man they REALLY wanted for the job in the dugout with him? Although stranger things have happened in Boston. Anyhow, the advantage is all Jays here and I do think the best outcome is that the Jays make the club stronger rather than let Farrell go for nothing.

As for who will take over? There are even more possible answers that the above scenario. One report says, and yes I’m dealing with a lot of ‘I heard/read this the other day in (insert media)’, that the Jays don’t want another manager that has to ‘learn on the job’. They want someone who has managerial experience to keep the momentum going and not reset them back to 2 years ago when JF took over. If that’s true, that opens the door to former managers that are out there but also makes Sal Fasano an intriguing choice. He has managerial experience in the minors and was AA Manager of the year just one year ago. I also like that he knows some of the players coming up through the Jays system already.

Anyhow, I guess there will be a lot of time to get answers to the above two questions regarding compensation and the new manager, the real issue is still: Is Farrell going, or not?

The most intriguing hint that he might be is that Alex Anthopoulos cancelled a radio interview on Rogers’ own Fan 590 yesterday morning with Jeff Blair. I can understand if it was with Bob McCown, who really gives AA the gears, like when the Yunel incident happened. But this is Jeff Blair. Hard-hitting journalist, yes. But he wasn’t going to rake AA over the coals like McCown would about the situation with JF. Anyhow, it makes me wonder… AA seems like a guy that doesn’t like to mislead the media. I think he’s shown that he’d rather have no comment than to do that. Perhaps this was one of those cases where he knows he can’t go on the Jays flagship station and say, unequivocally, that they are not in discussions with the Red Sox. The guy was raised right.

But seriously John Farrell, just go already. You should never have taken the job managing the Jays if your heart was always in Boston. So we’ll just say ‘Good Day and get the fuck out.

I said ‘Good Day’ sir.

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  1. Andrew, this is very insightful. Signed, Andrew.

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