So long and thanks for nothing

I wonder what we’ll find out in the coming years about just what went down with John Farrell.

If rumours that he wanted to release Omar Vizquel in June are true, and AA said ‘no’, that could explain some of this rift we heard about. And it could just be the tip of the proverbial Jays iceberg.

Am I upset? Yes, but just because once again it sends the message that Toronto is not a baseball destination for players or coaches. This is not good.

But in any case, I know I saw a manager that:

• Sent Omar Vizquel to steal second base, as the tying run, with 2 outs in the 9th.

• Didn’t care that his rookie RF lost countless balls in the sun before someone gave him shades.

• Didn’t pay enough attention to what his SS had written on his face for a whole game.

• Bunted his # 3 hitter Brett Lawrie

• Tried some of the worst batting lineups I can think of, constantly

• Somehow had most of the starting rotation fall to devastating injuries (seems a bit too much of a confluence of bad luck to not have some reason this happened)

• Loved CoCo a bit too much when we all knew he was done

Basically a manager that had mediocre results even when he had a decent roster, and seemed to have no control of his clubhouse.



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