Why Sandy is the right choice

Truthfully, I’m a Pal of Sal’s. I’d love if the Jays gave Sal Fasano a chance to manage at the big league level. However, I think Sandy Alomar Jr. is going to be the Jays skipper.

It makes sense on so many levels at a time when the Jays need to project a lot of good things to the Toronto Fans.

First of all, he’s a name. Yes, I know that doesn’t help us on the field but after having the Red Sox publicly make the Jays their bitch, a name would certainly help to appease the casual fan. And if AA doesn’t think he needs a bit of good PR, then he’s as naive as the Red Sox made him out to be.

Second, he’s a catcher and former Major Leaguer. It’s just an opinion by someone who’s watched the movie Bull Durham too many times, but I like managers that are former catchers. They’re used to running the show. They think strategy. They know how to slow the game down. They think about the angles like a chess player. Pitchers? Meh. I think of Nuke Laloosh. Don’t think, just throw.

Reason three. Robbie. He’s already in the Jays fold. So what you ask? Well, we want and need someone who wants to be here. Who says it’s his dream job. Come to Toronto and help win the World Series with your brother. That sounds like a dream to me. Robbie is not going anywhere as long as he’s in baseball. He went into the Hall of Fame in a Jays hat. He loves the franchise and the city loves him. I don’t think Rogers has leveraged this enough. You bring Sandy here and the Alomar brothers will show tremendous loyalty to this organization.

Four. Other clubs want him. Yes, I know that was what did us in this time. But who wants a manager that NOBODY else wants? What does that say about him?

Five. Why not? Alex needs something magical to happen. Sandy Alomar Jr. is the best chance he has for that other than Dave Stieb suddenly coming out of retirement with a reconstructed arm.

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