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Okay, that’s a terrible headline. But the trade is now official and so is the Melky Cabrera signing so it certainly feels like Christmas in Jaystown.

We’ll see what AA says tomorrow at the press conference but for now, the night before, there are some interesting developments and speculation going around about what’s next for the Blue Jays.

Tonight on Prime Time Sports with Bob McCowan, Gregg Zaun made some comments about Josh Johnson and his agent making no secret about the fact they don’t want him to be in Toronto. I don’t have the exact verbatim quote, but Zaun didn’t say how he knew this. A lot of people think Zaun is full of it but I wouldn’t say he’s one to make such statements without some belief/source. In any case, I’m not concerned. Josh Johnson is in the final year of his contract and even if he doesn’t want to play here next year or beyond, he’ll do his best to make sure he gets a big payday with a good year in 2012. It’s a great situation for AA to get him in. And for us it’ll be great, assuming he doesn’t get traded before 2013. I’d be surprised, but as you know know, stranger things have happened of course. AA needs a bonafide #1 to take the pressure off of Ricky and even Brandon. That’s what he has in Josh Johnson. To flip him wouldn’t make sense unless it’s for a Josh Johnson type with more years of control.

The other ongoing story of course is the manager. Will the Jays introduce their manager tomorrow? Again, I’d be surprised. It would really steal the thunder from the big trade but you never know… But when it happens, my money is on Manny Acta or I’ll stick by my earlier call of Don Wakamatsu, despite the overhauled roster. Without the trade, I’d say Sandy Alomar or Sal Fasano would’ve been in my mix, but not now. Again, AA could pull any rabbit out of his hat here, but my personal favourite (not the logical, who I think, but who I want) is Ozzie Guillen.

Yes, Ozzie. Zaun made a good point tonight that I kind of agree with. He said when it comes to baseball ‘crazy talk’, Ozzie always stirs things up to take the attention off of his players. It’s like he jumps on the grenade. As for his off-colour comments, well, you can be sure he won’t say things about Castro again, although I think that was overblown. And besides, although you can’t go around saying you ‘love’ Castro necessarily, this is Canada and we certainly are a bit more liberal. Anyhow, the real issue is how he gets the best out of his teams. With this lineup, it’d be interesting. He certainly wouldn’t accept some of the lackadaisical stuff that happened last year. And I think he’d be interesting to motivate the young guys but also give the vets their space. I do like his comments about the Florida 5 that joined the Jays. He liked them. Not sure how they liked him, but some of them did sign there with him at the helm.

In other news, my wildest dream is that Rogers Centre is getting ready to put in grass. They’re probably not but after the Grey Cup game on Sunday, the Argos lease is up. Meaning if they don’t renew the agreement, the Rogers Centre is free to put in some grass. It’d be a long process and not cheap I bet. Rumours are that they’d have to dig into the concrete about 10-15 feet just for a drainage system. The rotating stands would be locked in place so no more soccer or football either. It doesn’t seem likely but hey… these are the days to dream, right?

Looking forward to a great press conference tomorrow. What a difference a few weeks can make. Did all this really happen?

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