Solid return home

So the Jays returned to the dome tonight and only 15,000+ got the news I guess. But the 35,000 who didn’t show up sure missed a great game.

The Jays came back from a 2-0 hole in their half of the first to tie it. Buehrle beared down and gave the Jays a solid start. Kawasaki continued his climb to the top of the fan appreciation chart with a triple. And Casey Janssen nailed it down (after some nailbiting) in the 9th. Overall, a very solid win with some very good signs. After falling in a one-run game yesterday, it was good to see the Jays come right back and win one of their own.

As for the crowd, well, it was small but as the game went on the crowd got more into it. “Riiiiioossss” could be heard throughout the game, berating the former center-fielder who left town with his tail between his legs (see: autograph-gate) and cheers of “Ka-wa-saki” (clap clap clap-clap clap) rang out in the late innings.

So a great return home. The only bad news was after the game Sergio Santos was put on the DL with a tricep strain (again). But Brett Lawrie has been called up. So it’ll be good to see him back in the lineup (hopefully) tomorrow.


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