It’s a game of inches

I didn’t want to look at the standings this morning. I’d rather not know what the Jays record is right now because I’m trying not to think about the hole they are digging themselves. But the reality is they are four games under .500. Now that’s not a huge deal if they play around .500 ball for the next month or so. But if the next 20 games are like the first, well, then they’re going to have a big problem.

What’s the problem? Well, if you’ve been watching you know. And it’s not just one thing. It’s kind of everything. They’re not hitting consistently — only four hits last night. Their defence seems to fold when they need it the most, and not on tough plays either — yes, Kawasaki I’m looking at you but you’re just the latest. And although I was about to say the pitching hasn’t been solid, I realize it’s actually been very good lately. The bullpen is lights-out and the starters have put together a lot of ‘quality’ (or close to) starts lately.

So what’s the problem? Bad luck? Maybe… But I don’t know if I believe in luck when it comes to sports. It’s a game of inches and the Jays are frustratingly just inches away…

Aaron Loup just grazes that guy by a couple of inches last night. Kawasaki puts another few inches on that throw and Edwin gets it. And this is just last night. I’ve seen it a lot already this season — everywhere I’m seeing a team that is close to being very good and then we come up short by a few inches.

But that’s baseball. And whether the Blue Jays can find it in themselves to find that extra inch in their game, I don’t know. Is it for lack of trying? No. Is it for lack of talent? I hope not. I think it’s there somewhere in their game but only the next 142 games will tell. And if they don’t have it, well, yes, it’ll be a long frustrating summer for me. But that’s why I love baseball because it’s a game of ‘oh so close’. And the good teams consistently find that extra inch or they don’t deserve to win.

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