LF. There can only be one.

Who will be the fifth starter?

Will Adeiny Hechaverria force a trade of Johnson?

Who will be the setup man in a bullpen full of good candidates?

Good questions all, but no story from the 2012 Toronto Blue Jays’ spring training camp is as interesting as the battle for the starting left fielder’s job.

In one corner, you have Eric Thames. 2011 Cinderella story. He came up in May and hit .262 with 12 HR and 62 RBI. He played in 95 games and was the starter at the end of the season.

And then you have Mr. Meats Don’t Clash – Travis Snider. Lunchbox. Bamm Bamm (a nickname I’ve tried hard to get going to no avail). Perennial prospect full of potential. And subsequent perennial letdown.

A platoon is unlikely since they both hit left-handed. So there can only be one.

This will be a tough call for John Farrell but hopefully, one of them will just outright outplay the other. Farrell has indicated that the job is Thames’ to lose so Snider will have to make it clearcut it seems.

Farrell has also said that defence will play a big part of the decision.

We’ll continue the Eric Travis watch here for the next few weeks.

Right now, Snider’s hitting .316 with a whopping 1.223 OPS in 7 games.

And Thames is no slouch at .294 and .898 respectively. Also in 7 games.

I’d have to say from the reports and from the few games I’ve listened to, Travis Snider is certainly doing everything right at the moment. Hitting for power (3 hr) and showing off some good defence (heard a great assist the other day). And an interview on the FAN 590 as always showed off what a mature mind is at work there.

Stay tuned. It’s just beginning.



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