Wow. For days, nothing. Then big developments in Blue Jay Land. Thames wins the leftfield job. McGowan “day-to-day” with plantar fasciitis. Two Jays that I thought for sure would be helping the Jays all year, gone (for now). Poof.

I’ll get to the shocking and premature decision on the left field job in a second, but in McGowan’s case, how worried should we be? Plantar fasciitis (aka, Troy Glaus syndrome) has been known to sideline players for months, if not entire seasons. I’m no doctor, but apparently it’s inflammation of the connective tissue between the heel and bone…? Where’s Doogie when you need him. Anyhow, the Jays don’t seem overly concerned right now, so we’ll see. At least it’s not arm related — when I heard McGowan left in the 2nd inning due to a medical condition, I thought like everyone else — arm. Thankfully, no.

I think this means Drabek could make the team. Laffey didn’t do himself any favours today with his iffy outing.

As for the leftfield job, I’m surprised. Not that at the outcome necessarily (although I will admit, I was pulling for Travis), but because the Jays made the call with a week to go. I thought they’d let it play out a little more. I admit Travis hasn’t sounded/looked that good over the last few games and unfortunately, that’s when Eric decided to step up a bit. I’m not sure what this means for Travis Snider, but it could be the end of the line for his Jays career. You’d have to think he wants to be traded. And the Jays should know that his heart might not be in it for them anymore. Not sure what they can get for him right now, but with AA you just never know what he can pull off.

Tough for Snider — he did play well this spring. And he outplayed so many Jays that are going to make this team — Rasmus, Johnson, Lind … and yes, even Jose.

I was looking forward to cheering on Lunchbox from the cheap seats this summer. Now I’m not sure what the future holds for him.


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